Songserm Ferries

Songserm Ferries

The Thai ferry company «Songserm» is the first ferry operator to provide Gulf of Siam crossings. Its customers are offered both passenger and cargo transportation.

Songserm Ferries
Songserm Ferries
Songserm Ferries

The points of origin and destination are:

  • The southern province of Chumphon.
  • Samui.
  • Phangan..
  • Koh Tao.

This provides a highly efficient maritime connection between the continental and island parts of Thailand.

Properties of «Songserm»

The organization offers convenient ferry routes between popular tourist destinations. A particularly popular connection is at Nathon, Samui – it allows travelers to quickly renew their visa at the local migration office.

Flights are offered daily, at any time of the year. And the company serves not only ferries but also rail/bus routes from Bangkok to Chumphon. This makes it much easier to travel around the country and its most interesting parts.

The modern, state-of-the-art express ferries are used to serve the sea voyages. They can reach very high speeds while still running smoothly. On ships there are a large number of seats for passengers with comfortable conditions – comfortable seats, air conditioning, televisions, free Wi-Fi.

In addition, the ferries operate small restaurants, where you can both taste the exotic local dishes and dine on something more usual. During the crossing it's a must to visit the observation decks which offer magnificent views of popular tourist spots and the sea beauty of the Gulf of Siam.

Company Benefits

  • High operating efficiency with a large number of flights.
  • Picturesque and very tourist-friendly routes.
  • Comfortable conditions and high quality service on board.

Traveling with «Songserm» takes you to Thailand's tourist fairytale with beautiful nature, good rest and lots of entertainment. You can purchase a ferry ticket in advance, using our website.