Steam Packet Ferries

Steam Packet Ferries

«Isle of Man Steam Packet» is the oldest continuously operating shipping company in the world today (over 190 years old). It is a private organization controlled by the Government of the Isle of Man.

Steam Packet Ferries
Steam Packet Ferries
Steam Packet Ferries

The operator provides maritime service between the island's capital, Douglas, and the following locations:

  • Heysham. Serves year-round.
  • Dublin. Offered from April to September.
  • Liverpool. Serves from March to November.
  • Belfast. Crossings are operated from April to September, and at Christmas.
  • Belfast.

Аlso serves one port in Ireland. The «Isle of Man Steam Packet»range of services includes passenger, freight and road transportation.

Features of the organization

There are two large ferries used for crossings. One, «Ben-my-Chree» is used year-round for travel to Heysham, and seasonally for other destinations. The second is called «Mannanah» and is used seasonally, to increase the number of flights during periods when the island is visited by a large number of tourists. In 2023 it is planned to replace the flagship «Ben-my-Chree» with a new vessel ordered from South Korea.

All of the «Isle of Man Steam Packet» vessels have a large number of passenger and car seats. At that, they are equipped with comfortable cabins with modern amenities, restaurants, bars and cafes, entertainment areas for people of all ages. Televisions and free Wi-Fi are also provided, which will brighten up the time on the trip.

Passengers can also take advantage of the observation decks to enjoy beautiful views of the Irish sea.

Key benefits of the «Isle of Man Steam Packet»

  • Convenient routes between major port cities in Great Britain and Ireland.
  • A large number of regular and seasonal flights, allowing a quality service to many tourists.
  • A variety and high quality of in-flight services.
  • On our website you can find the current flight schedule as well as pre-book your ferry seat.