Superfast Ferries

Superfast Ferries

The Greek ferry company «Superfast Ferries» offers regular crossings on the Adriatic Sea. The customers have access to voyages from Greece to the largest ports in Italy. The company is actively cooperating with other companies, e.g. «Anek Superfast» which operates Patras-Igoumenitsa-Ancona route, – Piraeus-Heraklion with «Blue Star Ferries.

Superfast Ferries
Superfast Ferries
Superfast Ferries

About the company

«Superfast Ferries» was founded in 1995 and initially specialized only in crossings between Patras and Ancona. The creation of this route reduced the travel time between the cities by approximately 16 hours. Due to the high demand for the services of the organization, other routes on the Adriatic Sea were opened.

Today, the operator operates several high-speed, modern ferries designed to carry large numbers of passengers. The flagship ships are the vessels of the «Superfast» line number I, II, XI and XII. They have a distinctive design, predominantly in red and white.

There are a large number of cabins of different classes, varying in degree of luxury and price. All the amenities needed for a good rest are provided in each of them. The following are also provided on board:

  • Variety of duty-free stores.
  • Bars in the open air.
  • Restaurants.
  • Swimming pools.

For other amenities – air-conditioning, televisions, free Wi-Fi and comfortable viewing platforms to enjoy the scenic beauty of Greece and Italy. It is possible to travel on the ferry with a private car – there are special parking spaces for them.

Benefits of «Superfast Ferries»

  • Lots of convenient travel itineraries.
  • High speed and efficiency of crossings.
  • A fleet of large, modern ferries with a wide variety of facilities on board.

You can familiarize yourself in advance with the current flight schedule of the company right on our website. Here you can also buy your ferry ticket «online.