Tallink Silja Line Ferries


Routes: 20

Shortest Crossing: Helsinki - Tallinn 2 hr

Tallink Silja Line Ferries


Helsinki to Mariehamn / Mariehamn to Helsinki
6 crossings weekly
11 hr 15 min
Helsinki to Stockholm / Stockholm to Helsinki
6 crossings weekly
16 hr 30 min
Helsinki to Tallinn / Tallinn to Helsinki
8 crossings daily
2 hr
Langnas to Stockholm / Stockholm to Langnas
1 crossings daily
5 hr 15 min
Langnas to Turku / Turku to Langnas
7 crossings weekly
4 hr 5 min
Mariehamn to Stockholm / Stockholm to Mariehamn
2 crossings daily
4 hr 30 min
Mariehamn to Tallinn / Tallinn to Mariehamn
7 crossings weekly
9 hr 15 min
Mariehamn to Turku / Turku to Mariehamn
7 crossings weekly
5 hr 30 min
Stockholm to Tallinn / Tallinn to Stockholm
6 crossings weekly
16 hr 45 min
Stockholm to Turku / Turku to Stockholm
1 crossings daily
11 hr 30 min

Tallink Ferries – is an Estonian shipping company that serves about ten million passengers a year. It is the largest carrier on the Baltic Sea, headquartered in Tallinn. In 2006, the company acquired Silja Line. As a result of the merger, Tallink Silja Oy was created.

Tallink Silja Line Ferries
Tallink Silja Line Ferries
Tallink Silja Line Ferries

Benefits of Tallink Ferries

To make the journey as successful and comfortable as possible, Tallink Ferries offers a variety of on-board activities:

  • Shopping – you can buy souvenirs, sweets, alcohol, cosmetics, etc. and for regular customers there are good discounts in the supermarket;
  • An individual program of activities is available on every vessel, allowing you to entertain both children and adults.

On all vessels, except the Star, there are nightclubs, where you can dance, sing karaoke, enjoy live music or watch sport match broadcasts. For children, there are large and safe playrooms.

Destination Points

Passenger itineraries that connect Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, and Finland are served by 11 ships. Major cruise destinations include:

  • Helsinki – Tallinn;
  • Turku – Stockholm;
  • Riga – Stockholm;
  • Helsinki – Stockholm;
  • Tallin – Stockholm;

Mini-cruises to the Åland Islands deserve special attention.

All ferries provide a wide range of cabins, so you can book the most suitable option in terms of cost and comfort.

Special features 

The company is one of the top 10 trade tax free zones, even though this list predominantly includes the largest international airports. Tallink Ferries runs routes year-round, offering passengers access to all parts of the Baltic Sea.

The company offers, in addition to standard accommodation options, cabins for people with disabilities, people with pets and even those with allergies. This allows you to find the best option by booking your ferry ticket online.