Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Amalfi - Positano 25 min



Amalfi to Positano / Positano to Amalfi
8 crossings daily
25 min
Amalfi to Salerno / Salerno to Amalfi
12 crossings daily
35 min
Positano to Salerno / Salerno to Positano
7 crossings daily
1 hr 10 min

The shipping company Travelmar was founded in 1998. The Italian carrier uses modern high-speed ferries to reach the most beautiful and scenic spots on the Amalfi Coast. The company was originally created so that locals could avoid traveling on the bad winding roads near the coast. Now Travelmar – it is a major provider of ferry services.


The benefits of Travelmar

The company has high-speed ferries, so you can get to your destination in the shortest possible time. And passengers can experience breathtaking vistas and travel in comfort.

The largest ferry – the Uragano 90 has a capacity of just under four hundred people. The vessels can reach speeds of up to 18 knots.


Travelmar serves six ferries, among them:

  • Amalfi – Majori;
  • Positano – Amalfi;
  • Majori – Salerno;
  • Minori – Cetara and others.

The duration of the voyages ranges from ten minutes to one hour, depending on the distance, so it is not necessary to book a cabin on the ferry. The ferry has ergonomic seats and air conditioning to make the trip as comfortable as possible.

Flights are operated daily, their number may vary depending on the season. From July until mid-October there is an increase in the tourist flow, at this time it is recommended to purchase a ticket in advance.

Special features

Luggage restrictions apply: its weight must not exceed ten kilograms. You may travel with your pet provided that all the necessary certificates and a veterinary certificate are available.

To find the ferry timetable and book the ticket online, it's very easy to choose the best departure time and date.