TT Line Ferries


Routes: 8

Shortest Crossing: Rostock - Trelleborg 5 hr 30 min

TT Line Ferries


Klaipeda to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Klaipeda
3 crossings weekly
16 hr
Rostock to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Rostock
3 crossings daily
5 hr 30 min
Swinoujscie to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Swinoujscie
1 crossings daily
5 hr 55 min
Travemunde to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Travemunde
3 crossings daily
7 hr 15 min

TT Line – is a state-owned shipping company that was established in 1962. It operates ferry crossings between Sweden, Germany and Poland. The company uses reliable and modern ships for passenger transportation, paying special attention to environmental protection. TT Line serves roughly one million customers and approximately 200,000 vehicles each year.

TT Line Ferries
TT Line Ferries
TT Line Ferries

The benefits of TT Line Ferries

TT Line provides passengers with maximum comfort and safety during their crossing. Experienced and qualified staff are on hand to help in any way they can. Ample staterooms, well-stocked stores and a café are provided on board, so an ordinary crossing becomes a beautiful journey.

The company now has a fleet of seven modern, reliable ferries.

Destination Points

Tt Line ferries operate on a daily basis, making more than twenty trips per day. This allows you to choose the option that best suits you, booking online in advance and saving time.

The carrier guarantees a convenient connection between continental Europe and Scandinavia. Popular routes include:

  • Klaipeda – Rostock (travel time 26 hours and 10 minutes);
  • Renne – Swinoujscie (travel time – 6,5 hours);
  • Travemünde – Trelleborg (flight time – 8 hours 16 minutes) and others.

On long crossings, passengers can stay in well-equipped cabins with all the comforts.</nbsp;


You can travel in your own car, because all destinations where the ferries are based are located in major port cities with access to highways. When booking online, all you need to do is specify the type of vehicle you are travelling with.

The company is very environmentally conscious and uses state-of-the-art diesel-electric engines with minimal pollutant emissions.