Aegean Islands Aegean Islands

Greece is very rich in interesting places that have high cultural value. One of these is the archipelago located in the Aegean Sea, which includes several beautiful islands. It is an excellent destination for marine tourism, as well as one of the most beautiful places on earth, which attracts thousands of travelers every year.

The Aegean archipelago is a great destination for maritime tourism, as well as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The islands are located at the intersection of three continents – Europe, Africa, Asia. Because of this, during their long history, they have been influenced by many diverse cultures. The result is a unique tourist complex that will especially appeal to fans of sea travel.

Sailing is the main way to travel between the islands. Not only are there high speed routes from point & lquo;A» to point «B» but also fascinating walks in the most beautiful parts of the Aegean Sea. A great way to get to know Greece and to spend a great time on a comfortable boat with all the facilities you need.

Aegean Islands
Aegean Islands
Aegean Islands

Peculiarities of the Aegean

Every one of them is an important point of major sea voyages and is equipped with ports that welcome tourists. If you take a cruise in the Aegean, you can visit the following islands:

  • Lesbos. Home of the ancient Greek poetess Sappho, with a major port and a beautiful petrified forest.
  • Chios. An island with many ancient fishing villages, cozy harbors and the traditional production of mastichea (a strong Greek liquor).
  • Lemnos. The haven of the mythical god Hephaestus, known for its exotic beauty.
  • Samos. Considered the birthplace of Pythagoras, which today is famous for its white beaches and dense forests.
  • Icaria. An island associated with the hero of ancient Greek myths, Icarus, and possessing a beautiful nature.

The archipelago also includes several other, very small islands, which can be seen during a boat trip in the Aegean Sea. The latter are offered in every major port of the archipelago. On our website you can explore the available Aegean itineraries in advance, as well as book a seat on the ferry.

You can also explore the Aegean islands in advance.