China China

The Chinese republic of people's is considered one of interesting countries in East Asia for travellers. One fifth of all population of planet lives here. Tourists are attracted by the great number of sights, east philosophy and special atmosphere of Tibet.


As far as a port infrastructure is developed

China can boast the water-carriage. In PEOPLES Republic of China is seven from ten largest in the world ports. They occupy leading places on cargo - and container turnover. In all in a country there are five port complexes:

  • delta of the river Yangtze;
  • South-west coast;
  • Bohai sea;
  • delta of the river Zhujiang;
  • South-east coast.

In China ply the routes of two types – speed and standard. A fare depends on the location of deck and distance. To economize, it is possible beforehand to reserve tickets on a ferry.

Ferry routes of China

Among the most highly sought directions following.

  • China – South Korea. There is plenty of voyages. Ferries leave from port of Incheon and follow in Tianjin, Shanghai, Dandong and other cities.
  • Speed ferries support the water report of the International airport Hong Kong that is located near Lantau, Kowloon and Hong Kong, with ports of mainland China.
  • From Macao regularly ships ensue in Shenzhen.
  • A company Shanghai Ferry serves the voyage of Osaka – Shanghai that links Japan and China.
  • China – Russia. Ferry en-route Fuyuan – Khabarovsk plies to five one time per a day. From Blagoveshchensk in Heihe a ship leaves every hour.
  • An island Hong Kong and city Kowloon are bound by a ferry «Star Ferry». Cost of one ticket – from 2,2 Hong Kong dollar.

China can boast a vast aquatorium and different landscapes. Besides natural resources, there are historical commemorative booklets. What is only costed by the Great Chinese wall in the north of country.