Greece Greece

Athens, Thebes, saint mountain Athos, Meteors and rocky monasteries. It all is Greece – country, where at every step there are antiquities. «Cradle of civilizations» warmed by a sun and lulled by waters of seas, presented to the world of majestic scientists, philosophers, war-lords. Greece occupies the first place in Europe on the extent of sandy beaches, on most popular from them – Psareve on an island Mykonos – consider the debt to be marked to the celebrity.


Ferry infrastructure

Greece is washed Ionic, Mediterranean and Aegean seas, and about two thousand islands that make 20сей territories of country almost are included in her composition. No wonder that water-carriage – one of most widespread. More than 110 ports serve passengers that move in the cities of island and mainland Greece, and also other states. Majority from them is carried out also by freight transportations. Metropolises and the capital are connected by inter se the ramified ferry network. It is needed to take into account that in a winter season voyages can be abolished in connection with weather terms.

The most highly sought ferry routes are in Greece

The largest port of Greece is Piraeus. He binds Athens to the large islands of the Aegean sea and foreign directions. To reserve tickets on a ferry more comfortable than all on-line, also purchasing a travel document is possible directly in port. Among popular routes following:

  • Piraeus – Crete;
  • Patras – Venice;
  • Rafina – Andros;
  • Piraeus – Heraklion;
  • Heraklion – Santorini;
  • Rafina – Tinos, Naxos, Syros, Mykonos, Paros.

In a high season, ordering tickets on a ferry is needed beforehand. It will allow to economize, besides, the influx of tourists is very large in summer. The type of ship and category of place, and also company-ferryman, influence on the cost of ticket.

To Greece it is needed to go not only after that, to see the sights or conduct all the time on a beach. It is here needed to enjoy: by a delicious meal and wine, intermingling with locals even on condition of language barrier, by comfortable restaurants, sea and midday intense heat, dances and silense.