Indonesia Indonesia

A country of contrasts, a place where deaf villages are harmoniously combined with the primitive tribes living in them and the concrete jungle of urban cities, landscaped beaches with five-star hotels and impassable jungle. This is all about Indonesia, which is also one of the most populous States in the world.


Traveling by ferry

The state is washed by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, boasts almost 18 thousand islands, so it simply cannot do without water communication. About 300 passenger ports serve more than 15 million people a year. River communication is also established, most of the routes are to Sumatra and Kalimantan.

There are domestic flights that allow you to travel between settlements of the state, as well as routes to neighboring countries, including Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Indonesian ferries are often overloaded, so for the trip to go comfortably, book a ticket in advance.

How to get to Indonesia by ferry

Among the most popular flights:

  • Merak - Bakauheni, connecting the islands of Java and Sumatra;
  • Padang Bai (Bali) - Lembar (Lombok);
  • Ketapang (Java) - Gilimanuk (Bali);
  • Lombok - Sumbawa (on the way up to six hours);
  • Kupan - Flores and others.

One of the most popular islands - Java and Bali - separates only five kilometers of the strait, so ships run every 15 minutes. The fare depends on the distance, amenities and service of the place, you can book a ferry ticket online.

Indonesia is exotic and diverse. This is the pristine nature of popular Bali and the black sands of the beaches of Sumatra, the rain forests of Kalimantan and the palaces of Java. Each city here contains many mysteries: in Jakarta, poverty is incomprehensible adjacent to luxury, huge traffic jams with incredible silence of the islands; Sumatra can please both natural and architectural attractions, and in the middle of the Java Sea there is an incredible national park.