La Gomera La Gomera

The island of the Canary archipelago, La Homera attracts tourists tired of noisy companies travelers to other islands. The calm and measured rhythm of life on the island, the natural diversity, replete with amazing places - all these circumstances contribute to a good and comfortable rest. La Homera is a relatively small island (369.76 sq.m.), but in terms of spectacular and cognitive attractions it is not inferior to more famous places of recreation.

La Gomera
La Gomera
La Gomera

The volcanic origin of the island contributed to the emergence of amazing and formidable mountains, basalt columns and unique beaches of black sand. With this in mind, many trekking routes of various complexity have been laid along the picturesque mountainous terrain.

San Sebastian de la Homera, the capital city of the island, to the surprise of visitors, is characterized by the absence of urban bustle and the inevitable noise. The attention of tourists is attracted by the churches and monasteries of La Gomera.

The exhibition in the house of Columbus on the theme of the discoverer of America is striking with the abundance of objects of that era. Even the well from which the water intended for the blessing of the New World was drawn has been preserved.

La Palma is replete with sights of any taste, the tourist should only decide on the topics of interest.

Ferries to La Homera

The regular ferry service between La Gomera Island and the central island of the Tenerife archipelago is provided by the famous companies Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas. Ferry regularity, comfort level and price policy of carrier companies are approximately the same, and they are of the highest quality. The only difference, according to the reviews of vacationers, is that on modern and high-speed ferries Fred Olsen pumps more than on Naviera Armas ferries.

You can always book a ferry ticket, find out the slightest changes in the schedule or rules of transportation using the website of ferry operators. Experienced tourists advise to go to La Gomera with the first ferry, and return with the last. This will make the most of the time to get acquainted with the unusual island of Columbus.