Slovenia Slovenia

Serpentine roads leading to the sea, virgin nature, incredible karst caves and real castles. Slovenia is one of the most beautiful places in the world that exceeds all expectations. Thanks to the special geographical location, in just a few hours within one country you can transfer from the steep cliffs of the snowy Julian Alps to green olive groves and vineyards.


Modern and comfortable ferries

The Republic, located in the south of Central Europe, has access to the Adriatic Sea, which contributes to the spread of water transport. Ferry services are provided by Venezia Lines and Trieste Lines. Modern ships allow you to travel comfortably, carry your own vehicle with you and not worry about restrictions on the weight of your luggage. The largest influx of tourists is in June and August, so in the season you need to book tickets for the ferry in advance, as well as take care of housing.

How to get by ferry

Slovenia is connected by sea with Italy and Croatia. The main port of the state is Piran, which is located on the narrow peninsula of the Adriatic Sea. Among the popular routes are the following.

  • Porech - Piran. The ferry runs three times a week, the journey time is only 50 minutes, so you do not need to book a ticket for a ferry with a cabin.
  • Trieste - Piran. The duration of the crossing is 30 minutes, the number of flights per week is 8.
  • Venice - Piran. The ship departs once a week, covering a distance of 2.5 hours.
  • Rovinj - Piran. The crossing is carried out up to five times a week, its duration is 1 hour 10 minutes.

Small Slovenia is rich in interesting sights: karst caves, where at a depth of more than two kilometers you can watch the extraordinary stalagmites and stalactites, Triglav National Park with the highest point of the country, the atmospheric medieval cities of Ptuj, Ljubljana and Maribor. The region "on the sunny side of the Alps" pleases with a warm sea and rocky ridges of mountains, as well as hospitable locals combined with tasty cuisine and a wide variety of wines.