Uruguay Uruguay

Located in southeastern North America, Uruguay is considered one of the safest and cleanest countries in the continent. It is world famous for its cozy summer resorts, beautiful coastal cities with smoothly flowing life, and unique bohemian atmosphere, which is sure to please those who love cultural holidays.

While much of the country is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, there are virtually no major ports. The only exception is the port of Montevideo, the capital and largest city of the state. Some coastal communities do have small piers and marinas, but none quite like Montevideo.


What's worth knowing about Uruguay's largest port?

It consists of two main harbors – outer and inner. The former is enclosed by two breakwaters, separated by a 10-meter wide forewater. The inner harbor is formed by the Montevideo Peninsula, on which the central part of the city is located, as well as the Cintura breakwater, which is parallel to the coastline.

The harbor can accommodate large cargo and cruise ships as well as small boats and yachts, for which there is a separate pool. A great advantage for tourists is the well-developed network of land transport enabling one to reach almost any part of the country directly from the port.

Holidaymakers should also pay attention to the possibility of transfer from the port to the popular resorts of the country. This is not only a convenient way to travel, but also a great opportunity to see the beauty of Uruguay from aboard a comfortable ferry.

Nearly in Montevideo you will be able to see numerous sights. The city regularly hosts major festivals, music concerts, and other massive cultural events. Local theaters and art galleries with works of world-famous artists deserve special attention.

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