Cairnryan to Belfast / Belfast to Cairnryan
5 crossings daily
2 hr 15 min
Liverpool Birkenhead to Belfast / Belfast to Liverpool Birkenhead
1 crossings daily
7 hr

Belfast – a major British industrial and port center, the historical capital of the province of Ulster. The province and the city have experienced a turbulent history, the memory of the events of different eras is preserved in the surroundings and the appearance of the modern capital of Northern Ireland.


Ferry service from Belfast

Ferry lines from Belfast to the United Kingdom are served by Stena Line, and the line to the Isle of Man is served by Steam Packet. There are three main routes: Belfast-Liverpool (or Birkenhead), Belfast-Cairnraine, Belfast-Douglas (Isle of Man).

The crossing to the Isle of Man takes 3 to 4-5 hours depending on the type of ship, the ticket price starts at 23 euros, because of the pandemic these flights are rare.

The ferry takes about 3 hours to Cairnryn, there are 5 trips per day, with economy class ticket prices starting at £32, with car crossings starting at £80. Flexible and premium fares are £15-25 more expensive. There is a system of club and other discounts.

The ferry to Liverpool departs twice a day, with a travel time of about 8 hours. Passengers are offered flexible fares only, with ticket prices – from £28. The car ferry costs from £100.

On board, passengers are seated in airplane-type seats; a cabin seat can be booked for an additional fee. In terms of comfort, the ferries are close to cruise liners.

In terms of comfort, the ferries are similar to cruise ships.

Port of Belfast

The Port of Belfast occupies both banks at the mouth of the River Lagan, the ferry port is on the left bank and consists of several terminals serving different destinations – this should be considered when planning a trip. The distance between Victoria-1 and Victoria-4 terminal is about 1.5 km.

The ferry port can be reached from Belfast Airport, it is less than 10 km on the right bank, the road on the motorway takes no more than 15 minutes.

The port has a representative office of the main carrier Stena Line, parking lots, there are stores, sports centers and logistics facilities nearby. But the port is not suitable for a long stay, so it is better to arrive at the check-in with a ticket purchased in advance. On the ticket you should pay attention to the time of the end of registration. You can book your ticket on our website.