Rotterdam Europoort to Hull / Hull to Rotterdam Europoort
6 crossings weekly
10 hr 30 min

In the British county of East Riding of Yorkshire, a comfortable small town Kingston upon Hull stationed oneself on the river Hull. It is a quiet settlement that does not use the special popularity for tourists. However I am a city that to offer to the visitors: from walks on beautiful streets to the visit of ship-museum of Arctic Corsair.


Popular voyages from Hull

Travellers can leave in Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) from port. International cruise liners in Hull call extremely rarely, therefore mostly tourists visit exactly in the enumerated harbours. Ferriages are protracted enough, and occupy about 12 hours.

All voyages are served by a company P&O Ferries. In a week the operator of ferries accomplishes to 7 ferriages in Zeebrugge. Duration of voyage – more than 13 hours. A bit quicker to reach in Rotterdam. On the average duration of this voyage – from 11 hours. A company accomplishes 7 ferriages connecting English port with Dutch one. Tickets it is desirable to reserve beforehand, in fact voyages use enhanceable demand.

What the passengers of can count on P&O Ferries

The British operator of ferries gives excellent service to the clients. To economize on tickets, it is necessary to purchase them beforehand. What nearer to sending, the higher there will be a price. A company guarantees safety at ferriages, and individual approach promises to every client. Aboard modern ferries there are zones for rest, restaurants and shops. In cabins cleanly and comfortably, therefore if there is not a desire to enjoy a marine walk, it is possible to spend time there.

Features of port of Hull

A harbour wins back an important role in trading of England with the European countries. From this ferry port regularly ships depart with loads in ЕС, especially to Spain, Belgium and Netherlands. A harbour is located in place of inflow of the river Hull in Humber. She accepts the passengers of cruise liners that visit port all several times in a year. Yachts, boats, cutters, are at moorage stopped far more often. Round a harbour there are a few comfortable cafes and пабов, therefore tourists will not have to miss, expecting the ferry.

Hull will surprise the beauty and unforgettable atmosphere. As compared to other animated ports, he is unpopulous, but also it is herein possible to find the special charm. From Hull it is possible quickly to reach to Belgium or Netherlands, continuing the vacation in other country.