Guernsey to Jersey St Helier / Jersey St Helier to Guernsey
4 crossings weekly
1 hr
Poole to Jersey St Helier / Jersey St Helier to Poole
3 crossings weekly
3 hr 55 min
Portsmouth to Jersey St Helier / Jersey St Helier to Portsmouth
4 crossings weekly
8 hr
St Malo to Jersey St Helier / Jersey St Helier to St Malo
5 crossings weekly
1 hr 24 min

For all the Channel Islands, Jersey is the largest. Every year it is visited by thousands of tourists who want to see interesting monuments from the Viking period, beautiful architecture and amazing nature. At the same time, the island is one of the largest tourist destinations in the entire English Channel, with a well-developed infrastructure and plenty of opportunities for recreation.


One of the most important places for the city – the port, which provides a ferry connection between it and Guernsey (another major Channel Island), England and France. If you take a ferry there, you can arrive at:

  • Pool.
  • Portsmouth.
  • Saint-Malo.
  • Granville.
  • Barneville-Carteret.
  • Port of Guernsey.

The Port of Guernsey has been in operation for a very long time, and in recent years it has been modernized and improved for tourists. The latter now have a wide range of facilities for recreation and entertainment (hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs), as well as convenient service.

Port conditions

The number of crossings per week depends on the season. In tourist season it reaches 23, at other times it may be less. The minimum duration of crossing is 1 hour. The service of the port is provided by two major companies:

  • «Condor Ferries». The organization offers standard and high-speed crossings on the English Channel. For customer service, they use modern, large vessels that are equipped with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.
  • «Manche iles Express». High-speed crossings between the Channel Islands and France are available to the company's customers. They are perfect for people who want to get from the islands to the continent or back as quickly as possible.

How to get to the port?

If you arrive in Jersey by plane, you can use cab drivers or a shuttle bus to get almost directly to the port. An alternative option – rent a private car. Also from the continent and some other islands in the Channel you can take a ferry: direct flights are offered in all the ports described above. On our website you can pre-purchase a ticket for a convenient ferry «online».