Porto Heli


Ermioni to Porto Heli / Porto Heli to Ermioni
1 crossings daily
35 min
Hydra to Porto Heli / Porto Heli to Hydra
2 crossings daily
45 min
Piraeus to Porto Heli / Porto Heli to Piraeus
2 crossings daily
2 hr 5 min
Poros to Porto Heli / Porto Heli to Poros
2 crossings daily
1 hr 20 min
Spetses to Porto Heli / Porto Heli to Spetses
2 crossings daily
10 min

Porto Heli is a small village on the Peloponnese peninsula. It is one of the most popular resorts in Greece, which attracts tourists with its beautiful nature, well-developed infrastructure, as well as excellent seaside recreation on picturesque beaches.

One of the key parts of Porto Heli is the large port of the same name, which was built in a natural harbor, near a small fishing village. For many millennia it has been small, but in recent decades the place has been actively developed. Now tourists are offered an abundance of comfortable resorts, luxury hotels, entertainment facilities for all tastes, as well as an interesting cultural program with visits to ancient sites. 

Porto Heli
Porto Heli
Porto Heli

City port 

In the summer season the local port attracts a huge number of tourists, fishermen and sea lovers from all over the world. The result is a unique and multicultural atmosphere that is worth experiencing. In the vicinity of the port there are beautiful beaches, cozy bars and local restaurants with a variety of seafood dishes. 

Porto Heli offers exciting boat tours to iconic locations in Greece. It is also possible to quickly reach other parts of the country by sea. The most popular destinations are Mycenae, Poros, Epidaurus, and Nafplion. The ferry services are provided by Hellenic Seaways.

They offer a variety of routes on comfortable tourist ferries, which are equipped with everything necessary for good rest and fun of the passengers. 

How to get to Porto Heli?

The best way is to fly to Athens International Airport from which you can get there by bus, cab or train in just a few hours. You can also get from other parts of Greece by water - the ports of major cities often offer ferries to Porto Heli. 

You can buy your ferry ticket on our website beforehand. You can also explore the current flight schedules and the range of available routes from Porto Heli.