Ajaccio to Toulon / Toulon to Ajaccio
1 crossings daily
6 hr 30 min
Alcudia to Toulon / Toulon to Alcudia
2 crossings weekly
10 hr 28 min
Bastia to Toulon / Toulon to Bastia
7 crossings weekly
8 hr 30 min
Ile Rousse to Toulon / Toulon to Ile Rousse
4 crossings weekly
6 hr 58 min
Mahon to Toulon / Toulon to Mahon
1 crossings weekly
13 hr 58 min
Porto Torres to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Torres
2 crossings weekly
7 hr 30 min
Porto Vecchio to Toulon / Toulon to Porto Vecchio
2 crossings weekly
11 hr

Provence charms all guests the special atmosphere. Millions of tourists annually leave on the Light-blue bank of Mediterranean, to rest on the best resorts of France. Toulon has the developed infrastructure. Visiting a city, it is necessarily needed to be missed on a beautiful embankment with plenty of shops and cafe, that is located not far from a center.


Basic ferry ferrymen

Tourists can leave from Toulon to Bastia and L'Ile - Ros (France), Ajaccio and Porto Vecchio (Corsica island), Civitavecchia (Italy). All these voyages are served by only one company Corsica Ferries. One of the most popular directions – on the island of Corsica, the port of Ajaccio, therefore tickets necessarily must be reserved beforehand.

In a week a company carries out to 14 ferriages. A voyage lasts about 8 hours. In other port of Corsica, Porto - Vecchio, liners go for an order rarer – only 4 times per a week. The ferries of from Toulon to Barsia are also plied regularly. To 7 liners set forth for a week, and a ferriage usually occupies more than 12 hours. That your vacation passed high-level, it is needed to purchase a ticket on a necessary voyage as possible before.

A company Corsica Ferries gives quality services in a moderate price. In priority of ferryman – high service and absolute safety. Corsica Ferries is specialized on ferriages between France, Italy, Corsica and Sardinia. All ferries of operator are modern and reliable. Comfortable cabins are created for quiet релакса, and enough entertainments are onboard envisaged for more merry rest lovers. There are the refined restaurants of network of Chaon ferries;icirc;ne des Rotisseurs.

Features of port of Toulon

On the Light-blue coast a quiet marine harbour is located. The infrastructure of port that is the second in size in France is developed enough, however she allows to accept overall cruise liners. Such ships arrive in the suburb of La Saint-sur-Mer

The marine harbour of Toulon has two passenger terminals, and accepts the small liners of class comparatively «first class». From the suburb of La Saint-sur-Mer to marine port it is possible to reach on a voyage cutter, bus or taxi.

Marine port Toulon is considered one of interesting places in city for tourists. Near a harbour there is a great number of shops and cafe, hotels. In Toulon it is especially needed to leave to those, who for one trip wants to visit on Corsica or in Italy.