Dominican Republic Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic – it is land of plenty, that was stretched on east of island Haiti. More than 1500 kilometres of snow-white beaches, picturesque tropics, plenty of architectural sights in combination with high quality hotels – knowingly a country occupies leading to position for trips in the Caribbean pool. The whole world is under an obligation opening of these earth to the legendary navigator to Christopher to Columbus.

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

Ferry infrastructure

Dominican Republic in is the north washed the Atlantic ocean, the channel of Mona, that dissociates a country from Puerto Rico, is located from the east, there is the Caribbean sea on a south. It assists development of water report. An influx of tourists is on a period from December for April, for this reason reserving tickets on a ferry is recommended beforehand.

What exist routes on a ferry in the Dominican Republic

International terminals for transport and freight courts are envisaged in the cities of Asua, Puerto Plata, Monte Cristi, Santo Domingo. Among basic routes it is needed to distinguish the following.

  • Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) – San Juan Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). A ferry from a ferryman Ferries Del Caribe plies three times per a week, on Mondays, to the environments and Fridays. Time on the way – 13 hours.
  • Samana – Cayo Levantado.
  • Samana – Sabana de la Mar. The Passenger-freight ferry of internal value delivers to the resort city that is located on the far bank of bay of Adobe.
  • To the small island Catalina a daily voyage is envisaged from the resort of Casa de Campo.

If the protracted ferriage coming, at reserving of ticket on a ferry, it is recommended also to order a comfortable cabin or place in a business-class. It is needed to take into account that not all ships accept passengers without a transport.

Resorts of Dominican Republic – it is serene, but rich in content rest on a background staggering tropical nature. Except it, Republic is known, as one of the most ideal places for the romantic wedding and active entertainments. Dominican Republic – it is rhythms of сальсы and bachata, that invite all to submerge in a cheerful atmosphere.