North Aegean Islands North Aegean Islands

The North Aegean Islands – a group of 5 large and several small islands in the northeastern Aegean Sea, the large – Lesvos, Lemnos, Samos, Chios, Ikaria belong to Greece and are very popular with tourists – beach and history lovers, with yachtsmen and divers. Landscapes of the islands attract hikers, there are mountains, deep lagoons, forests, sandy and pebbly beaches. There are also many natural monuments, for example, on Lesvos there is a petrified forest.

North Aegean Islands
North Aegean Islands
North Aegean Islands

The islands are full of monuments of ancient Greek culture, developed tourist infrastructure – hotels from budget to luxury, restaurants, clubs, boat rentals, attractions.

Northern Aegean Islands Ferry Infrastructure

The ferries – the main type of communication between the islands and with mainland Greece. There are ferry ports on every major island and ferry lines operate all year round. The main ports – Mitilini on Lesvos, Myrina on Lemnos, Aegios Krikos on Ikaria, Chios and Samos. Ferry lines connect the North Aegean Islands with each other and with the ports of mainland Greece – Kavala, Piraeus.

The main service is operated by Hellenic Seaways – up to 40 trips per week. The frequency of flights between the islands varies from daily departures to weekly, depending on the season. Flights between islands take 2 to 6 hours, flights to the mainland – 10 to 12. Ferries on long lines are rather comfortable; besides deck seats and armchairs in saloons on long voyages there are cabins, children's playrooms and restaurants. On high-speed ferries there are bars, kiosks, and on the way passengers can admire views of the Aegean Sea and small islands scattered everywhere through panoramic windows of the saloons.

Tourist attraction of the North Aegean

Once you have visited one of the Aegean Islands you will surely wish to visit more and see more of the Aegean Islands. During the summer season the islands fill with tourists, but the long and rugged coastline allows you to find a place for secluded holidays and the larger towns are waiting for those who love noisy and fun holidays. The number of ferry voyages during the season increases, and the journey between the islands will not cause difficulties. Greece and especially the Greek islands win hearts at first sight and for life.