Newcastle to Amsterdam IJmuiden / Amsterdam IJmuiden to Newcastle
7 crossings weekly
15 hr 45 min

Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands and one of the world's largest ports and tourist centers. Amsterdam's canals are filled with sightseeing boats year-round, the city is full of museums and cultural monuments. The appearance of Amsterdam is easily recognized by the typical three-story brick houses, and modern buildings are difficult to distinguish from the buildings of the 17th and 18th centuries. Amsterdam welcomes millions of tourists every year.


Amsterdam ferry service

Amsterdam – a port city, the port basins occupy both the banks of the Eij and Amstel rivers, on whose banks Amsterdam sprawls. Therefore, in Amsterdam, despite the huge number of bridges, there is a well-developed intracity ferry service. The international ferry service from Amsterdam is operated from its suburbs – Iymeden (Eimeden), which is located to the west at the exit to the North Sea of the Nordseekanal.

The Amsterdam-Newcastle (UK) main line is operated by DFDS, ferries depart daily with a travel time of approximately 17 hours. Reservations for cabin space are required and will cost from 110 euros, but if you get on discounted flights, you can cross for 50 euros or even cheaper. Crossing the car will cost from 90 euros. Ticket prices depend on the class of the cabin and related services, and there are many of them on board the ferry. In summer and at Christmas, tickets are more expensive.

All ferries are as comfortable as cruise ships. By the way, one of the popular services of DFDS is the North Sea Ferry Cruises.

Amsterdam port

The ferry berths of the domestic lines are centrally located along the banks of the River Eij. The Eimeden international ferry terminal is located on the left bank of the Nordseekanal and takes 30-40 minutes from Amsterdam Airport to the terminal.

The port has well-developed access roads, parking, a passenger terminal with a set of services, pedestrian passengers to boarding walk through an enclosed gallery like in airports, but it is not necessary to linger in the port. According to the rules, you must arrive at the port for check-in no later than 1 hour before boarding. To save time and money, tickets should be booked in advance, you can do it on our website.