Ancona to Patras / Patras to Ancona
6 crossings weekly
22 hr 30 min
Ancona to Patras / Patras to Ancona
6 crossings weekly
18 hr 30 min
Bari to Patras / Patras to Bari
7 crossings weekly
16 hr 30 min
Venice to Patras / Patras to Venice
2 crossings weekly
32 hr

The third largest city in Greece, Patras, is an attractive tourist destination and a great vacation spot. The rich history of the place can be traced to a large number of landmarks from different eras. For most of its history Patras has played an important commercial and cultural role for all of Greece. 

Nowadays the city is a well developed resort with a variety of comfortable hotels, beautiful beaches, several important monuments and a large port. It can be a great starting point for an interesting trip or a cozy, permanent home for a vacation. Among the must-see sites are the ruins of the Byzantine fortifications, the architectural monument of the Odeon and the local port. 


City Port

Local ferry operators provide maritime connections between Patras, Ancona, Venice, Bari, Sami, and Ithaca. There are more than 20 crossings each week to various destinations, with durations ranging from 3 to 35 hours. There are also boat trips for sightseeing from the sea to places of interest in Greece. 

The following ferry operators operate at the port of Patras:

  • "Minoan Lines". One of the leading ferry companies in Greece, which provides crossings both domestically and to other countries. It has a fleet of modern, high-speed vessels, which ensures a high frequency of trips. 
  • "Anek Superfast". The organization offers a variety of routes, including tourist routes. 
  • "Levante Ferries". The operator provides high-speed crossings on several routes within Greece and offers a good quality of service. 

How to get to the port of Patras?

Patras has a large international airport that receives flights from other cities in the country and some European countries. From there you can take a bus or a cab. There are also ferries to Patras from other European port cities. 

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