Cherbourg to Poole / Poole to Cherbourg
4 crossings weekly
4 hr 30 min
Guernsey to Poole / Poole to Guernsey
2 crossings weekly
3 hr
Jersey St Helier to Poole / Poole to Jersey St Helier
4 crossings weekly
3 hr 55 min

Pool — it is the English resort city on the coast of English Channel that is famous the cleanest beaches and wonderful terms for going in for the wind-driven sports. The special attention of tourists is deserved by an embankment with by a great number historical building, and also the equipped with modern amenities parks and flowering gardens.


Leading ferry companies

Two basic ferrymen work in port. A report with France is provided by the known company Brittany Ferries. Directions Pool-Jersey, Poole Guernsey and a company Kondor serves back.

Taking advantage of services of Brittany Ferries, it is possible not to take care from weight and volume of luggage, limitations are absent in fact, there is possibility to transport animals. From Pool to Cherbourg (France) plies the ferry of Barfleur, aboard that the playing playground of children's, restaurant of self-service, bar and shop, is envisaged.

The ships of company Kondor provide all necessary service to the passengers. Onboard there are a cafe and bars, duty-free shop, access to Wi - Fi, and also child's zone. The high-speed ferry of Condor Liberation with a comfort will deliver passengers together with a car and domestic pet from Pool in Guernsey or back.

Between Pool and Jersey plies a ship Condor Voyager, on that the places of de-luxe are envisaged. Passengers can rest onboard, eat up in a cafe or take up shopping.

Information about port

Port that is used for transportation of loads and passengers through a channel English Channel is located in Bullet. A permanent ferry report operates with France and Norman islands. To look routes and prices, and also reserving tickets is possible on-line.

To the terminal it easily to reach on a machine, motorways conduct from Bristol, Medens and South England. If to go by a train or bus, will be a bit to walk on foot;mdash; 20 minutes from a railhead or 10 minutes from a bus terminal. The local companies of taxi give the services also.

Pool — it is port with a good transport availability and modern terminal. For tourists a shop, cafe, room for swaddling, parking and ATM, is here envisaged. To look the chart of voyages, know a price and reserving tickets on a ferry is possible on-line.