Batam Fast Ferry

Batam Fast Ferry

Many travelers to the city-state of Singapore don't mind visiting Batam Island, Indonesia. It is a great opportunity to visit two countries in one day and learn about their cultures. The Batam Fast Ferry Company's ferries are ready to take passengers to these destinations and a number of other less popular, but equally interesting ones.

Batam Fast Ferry
Batam Fast Ferry
Batam Fast Ferry

Facts about Batam Fast Ferry

The history of this operator begins in 1985. The fleet originally consisted of just two ferries, the Bintan 2 and the Bintan 3. The first could carry only 60 passengers and the second could carry no more than 70. The company ferried people on routes between Singapore and Palau-Batam. Over time, the fleet has expanded considerably and today there are 15 high-speed ferries. Depending on the size of the vessel, it can carry anywhere from 140 to 338 people. The company's high-speed ferries have been expanded considerably over the years.


Today, Batam Fast Ferry serves only four routes. Passengers who choose the company's services can get to one of the following port terminals:

  • HarbourFront Center; 
  • Tanah Merah; 
  • Batam Center;
  • HarbourBay; 
  • NongsaPura;
  • Sekupang.

Since the distance between these points is not so significant, the crossings take very little time at all. Most of them take no more than an hour. The services of the company are popular among locals and tourists; therefore it is recommended to book the ticket for the required flight in advance.

Benefits of cruising

The affordability and safety of Batam Fast Ferry crossings are the main advantages of this company. The comfortable ferries have well-appointed seating areas and even air-conditioned rooms. There are special areas on board for VIP customers. It's best to enjoy the ride across the sea with a cocktail in hand. There are also bars on board that sell refreshments. Keep in mind that there is no internet on the ferries. You can buy a ticket for a suitable flight at any time, but not later than one hour before the departure.

Main Features

Batam Fast Ferry allows you to book in advance. The company provides a schedule three months in advance. However, online booking is not available for those who require special conditions to be on board.

A great seaside experience with snacks and drinks in comfort at an affordable price - that's what Batam Fast Ferry guarantees passengers.