Irish Ferries


Routes: 8

Shortest Crossing: Calais - Dover 1 hr 30 min

Most Popular Route': Holyhead - Dublin

Irish Ferries


Calais to Dover / Dover to Calais
4 crossings daily
1 hr 30 min
Cherbourg to Dublin / Dublin to Cherbourg
3 crossings weekly
19 hr 15 min
Dublin to Holyhead / Holyhead to Dublin
2 crossings daily
2 hr 15 min
Pembroke to Rosslare / Rosslare to Pembroke
2 crossings daily
4 hr 1 min

Irish Ferries is a leading Irish ferry company that offers crossings between Ireland, Britain, France.

Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries
Irish Ferries

About the ferry company

The organization was founded in 1973, initially it served the direction of Rosslare-Le Havre. With the acquisition in 1992 of the British-Irish Steam Packet Company Limited, the list of available crossings was expanded - routes between Dublin, Holyhead and Pembroke Dock were added to it.

In recent years, the company has been actively investing in the development of its ships and ports (the volume of investments exceeds 450 000 000 euros). Thanks to this, it now has one of the most advanced fleets in Europe.


Each operator's ship is equipped with a large number of comfortable cabins with all amenities, restaurants, bars and cafes with a variety of menus, entertainment areas for children and adults, as well as large television halls. The ferries are equipped with observation platforms on which you can walk, enjoying the sea air and beautiful landscapes overboard.

Irish Ferries regularly conducts various promotions during which it is possible to purchase tickets for certain destinations at a significant discount. Tours are provided for groups of travelers. People with disabilities are offered an appropriate service that takes into account all their needs and allows you to relax well.

Pets may be transported. They can be left in a private car, or placed in specially equipped nurseries.

Our Benefits

  • High quality service for all categories of passengers.
  • Variety of ferry services.
  • Many scenic tourist routes.

Traveling on the company's ship will not only allow you to visit interesting places in European countries, but also enjoy a high-quality sea vacation. On our website you can order ferry tickets in advance, as well as get acquainted with the flight schedule.