La Méridionale Ferries


Routes: 6

Shortest Crossing: Ajaccio - Marseille 10 hr 30 min

La Méridionale Ferries


Ajaccio to Marseille / Marseille to Ajaccio
3 crossings weekly
10 hr 30 min
Marseille to Propriano / Propriano to Marseille
2 crossings weekly
12 hr 30 min
Marseille to Tanger Med / Tanger Med to Marseille
3 crossings weekly
43 hr 59 min

CMN La Méridionale Ferries – a French transport company serving such Corsican ports as Bastia, Ajaccio and Propriano, Porto Torres in Sardinia. Its fleet includes three mixed-type vessels (cargo and passenger). The ferries Girolata, Kalliste and Piana carry foot passengers, vehicles and cargo.

La Méridionale Ferries
La Méridionale Ferries
La Méridionale Ferries

Interesting facts

CMN La Méridionale Ferries – an ancient maritime transportation company founded in 1931. It originated after the Giannoni family became related to the Rastit family. It was they who made the first export contracts with Corsica and began transporting refined petroleum products and large cargoes. Already in 1990 the company became the second biggest passenger carrier in the Mediterranean Sea.

Benefits La Méridionale Ferries

CMN Ferries operates numerous weekly flights between Sardinia, Corsica and France. There are sea voyages at night (one departure daily). La Méridionale has three mixed ferries (passenger and cargo), which sail under the flag of France. The company's services are used not only by locals, but also by tourists. Therefore, it is best to book the ticket for the ferry two to four weeks before the planned vacation.


The ferries run between Marseille and Bastia (Piana), Ajaccio (Girolata), Propriano (Calliste) and Sardinia (Calliste). The journey from Ajaccio to Marseille (and back) takes just over ten hours, from Marseille to Propriano – twelve hours, and from Marseille to Tangier-Med – over forty hours.

The most popular destination – «Marseille-Tangier Med». To buy the ticket at the best price it's worth to book it 1-2 months before the trip.