Fiji Fiji

The unique nature of the Fiji Islands, cultural monuments and the peculiar way of life of the local population, the year-round opportunity to dive - all this attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting this small state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The local population is distinguished by openness and honesty, benevolent attitude towards tourists.


Infrastructure of the country

To get acquainted with the sights, tourists are provided with almost all types of transport. In Fiji, there are no problems with renting horses, bicycles or cars, to the services of vacationers - local airlines operating charter flights.

As an island nation, Fiji has a fleet of modern ferries providing regular passenger and transport services between the country's largest islands - Vanua Levu (Coral Coast) and Viti Lenua. In addition to these main routes, there are regular ferry routes that allow you to visit the islands of Natula, Kuata, Dravak, Mamanut, Naviti and a dozen other small islands of the archipelago. These options are sufficient for free movement around the island country. Fiji is a small state, and there are no large distances between those desired to visit places.

Ferry routes and companies

South Sea Cruises provides ferry services, the cost of which varies depending on the accommodation class chosen. It is possible to transport rented cars by ferry, which provides additional comfort.

Captain Cook Cruises and Blue Lagoon Cruises also provide ferry transfers between the islands. If you take advantage of the package offers of cruise companies, you can choose an economical option that allows you to visit many islands within a few days.

Active recreation, diving, surfing and playing on beautiful golf courses - clubs, combined with crystal clear sea water and comfortable sailing on the ferry - these unforgettable moments will be remembered for life. Visiting the islands of Fiji is a wonderful and safe holiday for the whole family.