France France

Roar of wave at the bottom of a mountain Saint Michel, of genius and attractive Eiffel Tower, picturesque side-streets of Montmartre, specks of light of stained-glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle, boundless halls of Louvre, refined locks of Loire… Every region of many-sided and rich France is famous hundreds of sights. Not by chance a country accepts more than 90 million tourists that return here over and over annually.


Ferries are in France

Due to the successful geographical location of France rich in own water resources. A country greater part of that is located in Western Europe is washed Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean, and on her territory – more than hundred, and also plenty of estuaries and lakes rivers.

The ramified of the water system assists the developed ferry infrastructure. There are more than twenty routes, that bind France to Ireland, Great Britain, Mediterranean. The ferries intended for the protracted swimming are equipped by restaurants, shops, seating areas and pools. Voyages are accomplished every day. Take with itself an own car, freely to move on a mainland or island.

Main ports and ferry routes

By the most popular location for a ferriage on a capacious ship there is a channel Ла-манш. Beforehand reserving tickets on a voyage is especially recommended in a high season – from July for September, when ferries are highly sought most. From France to Great Britain the next most popular routes operate:

  • Kale – Dover;
  • Dieppe – Newhaven;
  • Dunkirk – Dover.

For 6-8 hours it is possible to reach from Nice or Toulon on a magnificent island Corsica. During a ferriage there is possibility to rest in a recliner or prefer the separate equipped cabin. Ports are in Corsica – Ajaxio and Bastia– accept ships from French Riviera. To leave to the south coast of Great Britain, it is possible to reserve tickets on ferries that ply from Normandy or Brittany.

Snow tops of Alps, picturesque and numerous bays of Brittany, juicy meadows of Burgundy, gold sandy beaches of the Light-blue bank – the French landscape is various and interesting. A country, becoming the symbol of love, refinement and unique cultural heritage, will leave nobody to indifferent.