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The Isle of Man – not the most famous, but very interesting tourist destination. It is located in the Irish Sea, equidistant from England, Ireland, and Scotland. It is known for a lot of urban legends and myths, and the locals even today can tell a lot of interesting stories about fairies and giants.

A visit to the island will allow you to take in the unique flavor of ancient castles, fortresses from the Middle Ages, as well as huge luxurious gardens. The island is also full of natural interest, with its stunning panoramic view over not only Maine, but also Great Britain and Scotland.

Isle of Man
Isle of Man
Isle of Man

Ports of the Isle of Man

The ferry – an easy and convenient way to get to the island from the UK. Maine's largest port is Douglas – the island's capital, as well as its key economic and transportation center. It serves both cargo and passenger ships. The port can accommodate large tourist ferries, making the city visited by a huge number of travelers.

In addition, the port is also a great place to visit.

Another important port is located in the town of Peel. The latter is one of the key tourist and cultural centers of the island, famous for its majestic cathedral as well as its beautiful ancient architecture.

Sea travelers should also check out the small town of Port Irene with several fishing piers. Here you can get a glimpse of Maine people's lives and visit the famous Railroad Museum.

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