Lithuania Lithuania

Lithuania pleasantly amazes tourists with its ancient history and extraordinary natural beauty. A small Baltic state, in a short period of time managed to create the best tourist infrastructure.


Relax at sea (Palanga or Schwiantoyi), ski at the height of summer (Druskininkae), or just have fun in the largest water park in Eastern Europe - only a small part of the places offered to guests of the country. Having become a member of the European Union, Lithuania has created excellent walking and cycling routes for tourists, while protecting the nature of its country.

Historically, Lithuania for a long time belonged to the knights of the Teutonic Order, later to Germany, which was reflected in the architectural appearance of the Baltic country. Lovers of antiquity always have something to watch in Lithuania. The population of the country (1.5 million) is very multinational, which introduces a special connotation into the ethnic and linguistic appearance of Latvian cities.

Possessing the largest cargo turnover in the Baltic, the non-freezing seaport of Klaipeda, Lithuania began to carry out the largest (at that time) ferry transport of railway trains back in 1986.

Lithuanian ferry service

The leader among ferry companies - carriers in Lithuania, remains DFDS. By increasing the level of comfort for tourists, the DFDS ferry company provides the opportunity to purchase a ferry ticket via the Internet, phone or directly at the port.. It is important to remember that time is always indicated locally. To receive a ticket, you only need to specify the reservation reference number directly to the employees at the reception.

The most optimal sea route between the Southern Baltic States and Scandinavia passes through Lithuania. Klaipeda has become a port from which ferry services are regularly (daily) made between Lithuania and Sweden. There is a ferry service Klaipeda (Lithuania) - Kiel (Germany). DFDS operates regular ferry services with other Baltic countries, as well as main domestic flights. Get complete information about the activities of DFDS, as well as get acquainted with the new routes.

Lithuania surprises with its architectural masterpieces and an abundance of natural colors. Planning a tourist trip to Lithuania, it is worth carefully considering the route, because there is simply not enough time to inspect all the sights. And this means that you should not say goodbye to Lithuania for a long time - it will also pull here.