Singapore Singapore

Singapore for several decades attracted the attention of a separate category of tourists who prefer urban tourism. The city - the state, despite the rapid development of the modern metropolis, managed to preserve the Asian mystery, abundantly seasoned Asian exotic tourist routes.


Many tourists (and their number sometimes triples the population of Singapore), do not even know that beach holidays in local places are quite accessible. Even in the capital itself, the quite comfortable beaches of East Coast and Changi Beach, perfectly equipped and with a gentle entry into the water, will provide a decent rest and amazing in beauty, sunset.

But the most famous beaches are located on the island of Sentoza. Immediately located is the Jurong bird park, where, in addition to the feathered inhabitants, a whole kingdom of butterflies and insects arose. The beach of Palawan Beach, lovers of noisy companies and various beach parties are most suitable for family holidays.

Active recreation is represented by diving (Pulau Islands - Redang, Pulau - Kapas, St. Johns), surfing (Sentosa, SeaBreeze Water - Sports Center). There you can also test your strength in flight with a jet rant or take part in kayak races.

Lovers of the most thrill are waiting for the Night Safari and River Safari parks, which provide the opportunity to take a pedestrian walk or swim by kayak close to the habitats of leopards, alligators and other cute animals.

Singapore ferry service

Singapore, with numerous islands and a large seaport, has established a well-integrated and efficient ferry infrastructure. Balam Fast Ferry, Bintan Resort Ferries, Horizon Fast Ferry, Limbongan Maju, Mozaic Ferry Lines, Majestic Fast Ferry and Sindo Ferry fully provide comfortable and regular ferry service to domestic and external destinations. Timely information on schedules, prices and relocation rules is regularly updated and available on the websites of transport operators.

In terms of territorial size, Singapore does not differ in scale. But even a large population density did not damage those colorful and unique places that are so interesting to tourists. Looking to the future, Singapore is in awe of the legacy of its ancestors, which every year attracts an increasing number of travelers to the country.