Belfast to Liverpool Birkenhead / Liverpool Birkenhead to Belfast
1 crossings daily
7 hr

Birkenhead is located on the left bank of the wide Mersey Estuary opposite Liverpool. The two cities are connected by underwater tunnels and ferry lines; we can say that the peer cities of Birkenhead and Liverpool constitute a single urban agglomeration. Both cities are mentioned in written sources since the XII century, have a rich history and are of great interest for tourists.


Ferry service from Birkenhead

The main ferry line from Birkenhead links the city with Belfast in Northern Ireland. The line is operated by Stena Line, with ferries departing twice a day, with a travel time of approximately 8 hours.

The ferry line is operated by Stena Line.

The price of a deck ticket for an adult starts at 30 euros, a car crossing costs from 100 euros. For an additional fee, you can choose a chair in the lounge, a seat in the cabin, book dinner and breakfast, and transport pets. A lounge chair will cost from 15 euros, a seat in a 4-bed cabin – from 70 euros, breakfast and dinner about 10 euros each. The ferries have restaurants, bars, boutiques, and game lounges for children. Stena Line offers discount systems and related services, including ferry cruises.

Port of Birkenhead

The ferry port of Birkenhead is located on the left bank of the Mersey, opposite the port of Liverpool, with both banks of the estuary being a continuous line of ports. There are ferries between the ports, and tunnels are also available from one shore to the other. Ferries from Belfast usually moor at Birkenhead, ferries from Dublin and the Isle of Man – usually opposite – at Liverpool terminals.

You can get to the port of Birkenhead from Liverpool Airport, which is named after John Lennon, the road of about 20 km will take about an hour, taking into account traffic.

The port has good access roads, a small parking lot, a passenger terminal, relatively close to the port there are museums, historical monuments, however, one should not linger in the port of Birkenhead, you should arrive at the terminal with a ticket already purchased in advance – you can book a seat on our website. On the ticket you should pay attention to the time of the end of registration.