Hydra to Ermioni / Ermioni to Hydra
2 crossings daily
20 min
Piraeus to Ermioni / Ermioni to Piraeus
2 crossings daily
1 hr 35 min
Poros to Ermioni / Ermioni to Poros
2 crossings daily
55 min
Porto Heli to Ermioni / Ermioni to Porto Heli
1 crossings daily
35 min
Spetses to Ermioni / Ermioni to Spetses
2 crossings daily
20 min

Ermioni is a small town in Greece, located on the Argolida Peninsula, deep into the Aegean Sea, on the eastern shore of the Peloponnese. Ermioni (Hermion) has been known since ancient times, they say that Heracles visited here, the townspeople were allies of Sparta and distinguished themselves in many battles of the Greek-Persian wars, in particular in the naval battle of Salamis. In the vicinity of the city on land and under water, many ancient monuments have been preserved.


Ferry service to Ermioni

Thanks to the heavily cut coastline and many islands, ferry service in Greece is the most popular form of intercity transport.

Ferry service from Ermioni is carried out by Hellenic Seaways, part of the Attica Group, founded in 1918.

From Ermioni, ferries daily perform 2-3 flights in several directions:

  • to the Athens port of Piraeus - ticket price per passenger starts from 32 euros;
  • in Hydra - from 8 euros;
  • Poros - from 17 euros;
  • Porto Heli - from 10.5 euros;
  • Spice - from 8 euros).

The number of flights per day in each direction may vary depending on the load.

High-speed ferries run on the line, developing speeds of up to 50 knots, cars on these ferries are not transported. Passengers are offered seats of the aviation type in the cabin, the place should be occupied strictly by the number indicated on the ticket. Tickets must be registered at least an hour before departure.

Attica Group provides a wide system of discounts that can range from 10 to 40%. For example, there are seasonal sales of tickets for certain destinations and for certain types of tickets, discounts on the purchase of goods and services in partner companies and others.

Port of Ermioni

You can get to Ermioni from Athens International Airport, the journey of about 200 km along Attica and the Peloponnese will take at least three hours. An alternative route is to get from the airport to the Athens port of Piraeus and use the Piraeus-Ermioni ferry.

The ferry port of Ermioni is represented by one concrete pier for mooring ferries and a ticket office. Near the port marina, and on the promenade there are many restaurants, shops, small hotels.

The surroundings of the port are quite picturesque, there are good beaches. You should book tickets for the ferry to Ermioni in advance, you can do this on our website.