Langnas to Kapellskar / Kapellskar to Langnas
1 crossings daily
3 hr
Mariehamn to Kapellskar / Kapellskar to Mariehamn
1 crossings daily
2 hr 15 min
Naantali to Kapellskar / Kapellskar to Naantali
1 crossings daily
8 hr
Paldiski to Kapellskar / Kapellskar to Paldiski
1 crossings daily
10 hr

Kapellskar– one of the port areas of Stockholm, located about 90 km northeast of the Swedish capital on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Apart from the port there is nothing in the area, for excursions you should visit Stockholm or Uppsala – it is also about 90 km away.


Passenger ferry service from Kapellskar

Passenger ferries from Kapellskar are operated by DFDS Seaways (to Paldiski, Estonia), FinnLink (to the Finnish ports of Naantali and Longnes in the Åland Islands), Viking Line (to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands).

Viking Line ferries offer 2-4 departures a day to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands, the travel time is 3,5 hours, the ticket price starts from 10 euro, for car transportation an extra charge of 11 euro is required

Passenger flights to Paldiski in Estonia by DFDS Seaways depart daily, but some flights may be cancelled, travel time 10 hours, ticket price starts from 10 €, obligatory booking of cabin seats costs from 34 €, car ferry costs from 70 €, extra 75 € for transporting pets in a special cabin. Passenger flights to Paldiski are operated by DFDS Seaways.

FinnLink ferries sail from Kapellskär to the Finnish ports of Naantali, near Turku, and to Longnes on the Åland Islands. Flights to Longness usually run twice a day, the crossing takes 4.5 hours, passengers are only allowed on board by car, the ticket price for a passenger in a car starts at 50 euros, a seat in a cabin costs from 20 euros. All companies offer a system of club, family and other discounts.

All ferries are quite comfortable, with restaurants, stores, children's playrooms and entertainment lounges on board.

The Port of Kapellskar

It takes just over an hour to get to the Kapellskar ferry terminal from Stockholm Airport, a journey of about 80 km. There is a shuttle bus to the port. The port has a passenger terminal with a set of services, large parking lots, but it should be remembered that the nearest settlement is about 90 km away. Tickets for ferries from Kapellskar should be purchased in advance and only online, you can book tickets on our website.