Porto Torres


Ajaccio to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Ajaccio
1 crossings weekly
3 hr 58 min
Barcelona to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Barcelona
2 crossings weekly
12 hr 15 min
Civitavecchia to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Civitavecchia
2 crossings weekly
7 hr 15 min
Genoa to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Genoa
6 crossings weekly
11 hr
Genoa to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Genoa
7 crossings weekly
10 hr
Toulon to Porto Torres / Porto Torres to Toulon
2 crossings weekly
9 hr

Built by the ancient Romans at the beginning of our era, the city of Porto Torres is now one of the largest in Sardinia. It annually receives thousands of tourists who go to see the well-preserved architecture of the ancient Romans, beautiful nature, as well as relax on the picturesque beaches of the coast of the Italian island.

Porto Torres
Porto Torres
Porto Torres

One of the symbols of the city is its port of the same name, which occupies a significant part of the coast. Numerous ferries depart from it, which take tourists to other parts of the island, and also simply roll them along the coast.

Port of the city

The port of Porto Torres provides the connection of Sardinia with Corsica, Rome, numerous ports on the coast of Italy, France, as well as Spain. The choice includes both high-speed, as fast as possible crossings, and tourist cruises, the main task of which is to introduce travelers to local beauties.

Porto Torres has several large ferry operators, including:

  • «Grimaldi Lines». Offers tourists ferries on comfortable and fast new generation ferries with a lot of entertainment on board.
  • «Tirrenia». The organization specializes in frequent crossings between the islands and the mainland of Italy, which are carried out regularly.
  • «Grandi Navi Veloci». The operator is known throughout Europe for its high-tech fleet of comfortable ferries, as well as a wide range of accessible routes.
  • «Corsica Ferries». Customers of the company are offered numerous routes along the coast and islands of Italy.

How to get to Porto Torres

To get to the port, you can use the services of the ferry operators described above, as well as other companies that operate on the coast of Italy. If you fly to Sardinia by plane, you can get from the airport by bus or taxi.

Surrounded by ancient Roman ruins, Porto Torres is an excellent place to relax, as well as a convenient stopping point in case of traveling to different regions of Italy. To guarantee access to the ferry, you can book tickets "online" on our website in advance.