Amalfi to Salerno / Salerno to Amalfi
12 crossings daily
35 min
Palermo to Salerno / Salerno to Palermo
2 crossings weekly
9 hr 30 min
Positano to Salerno / Salerno to Positano
7 crossings daily
1 hr 10 min
Tunis to Salerno / Salerno to Tunis
2 crossings weekly
24 hr 30 min

Salerno is considered the main city of the Amalfitan coast, which is located in southwestern Italy. It is dotted with steep mountain climbs and cliffs, from which there is a beautiful view of the sea. In addition, the city is rich in a variety of attractions, resort areas for tourists, as well as entertainment establishments and restaurants for every taste.


Special attention should be paid to sea travel, which you can immerse yourself in by visiting the local port. Tourists are offered numerous routes through the picturesque waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, which will allow you to get to know Italy more closely, as well as look at fabulous landscapes.

How do I get to the port?

A large number of tourist buses travel to the port of Salerno, which you can board at the nearest airports, as well as large cities. It is also possible to order a taxi - this is more expensive, but at the same time a more convenient, faster option for moving. You can also get to the port by sea - routes to it are offered in many other coastal cities of Italy.

About the port of Salerno

It has a convenient location - passengers arrive and sail from the western outskirts of the city, next to which most tourist facilities are located. An alternative arrival point is della Concordia, which is located 4 kilometers from the port.

From the port you can get to Sicily, Sardinia, Tunisia, as well as make a tourist crossing through the Gulf of Naples. Flights are operated every day, served by the following operators:

  • «Positano Jet». The company's ships run mainly along the Amalfitan coast, offering tourist routes to customers.
  • «Travelmar». The organization specializes in crossings between Salerno, Positano and Amalfi.
  • «NLG». A large ferry operator offering fast and comfortable crossings throughout the Gulf of Naples.
  • «Grimaldi Lines». The company offers tourist flights on large comfortable ferries with a wide range of entertainment on board.

Salerno is a significant Italian port that receives thousands of tourists all year round. For convenience, it is worth booking a ferry ticket in advance, which can be done on our website.