Santa Teresa


Bonifacio to Santa Teresa di Gallura / Santa Teresa di Gallura to Bonifacio
4 crossings daily
50 min

Travel to Santa Teresa Gallura will allow you to feel the medieval charm of one of the largest port cities of the Italian island of Sardinia. It is located in the North of the island, along a beautiful sandy coast surrounded by granite cliffs. The city attracts many tourists every year with its tame bays, secluded bays, as well as beautiful green massifs.

Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa
Santa Teresa

The history of Santa Teresa Gallura dates back several centuries, during which many attractions appeared in it. The most popular are the Lognosardo Tower with beautiful sea views and the neighboring island of Corsica, as well as a port from which you can go on an unforgettable trip through local waters.

Port of Santa Teresa Gallura

Initially, the local port was used only by fishermen and was designed for small boats. However, with the development of tourism in Sardinia, the port was expanded, more berths were added, thanks to which large tourist and cargo ships were able to enter it.

Currently, the port of Santa Teresa Gallura is a popular tourist destination, which is equipped with a variety of shops, restaurants of local cuisine, as well as bars for cozy sit-ins. From it you can quickly get to the local picturesque beaches to sleep in the warm sunshine.

Ferries regularly go from the port to the mainland of Italy, as well as neighboring Corsica. Tourists are offered both high-speed and leisurely walking routes. The latter are great for a detailed acquaintance with the beauties of the coast of Sardinia. 3 large operators serve the crossings:

  • «Moby Lines».
  • «Blu Navy».
  • «Ichnusa Lines».

You can get to the port from any airport in Sardinia using a tourist bus or taxi. An alternative option is to travel by train to the local railway station, from which you can walk. Flights to Santa Teresa Gallura are offered from major mainland ports, as well as other parts of Sardinia.

In the northernmost tourist corner of the famous Italian island, you can relax perfectly between trips through local waters. For convenience, you can book a ferry ticket in advance using our website.