Lymington to Yarmouth / Yarmouth to Lymington
12 crossings daily
35 min

Yarmouth is a small historical city in the northeast of the Isle of Wight, known from the early Middle Ages. Yarmouth received the status of the city in 1135, in the 16th century King Henry VIII built a fortress here. The city is known for architectural monuments and picturesque surroundings, there is a tourist bus route to the Cretaceous cliffs near the city.


Yarmouth ferry service

One of the four main ferry lines connecting White Island with the "mainland" of Great Britain runs through Yarmouth. The ferry crossing has been served for more than a century and a half by White Link, which usually operates 8 flights a day on the Yarmouth-Lymington route.

The price of ferry tickets depends on the fare chosen. The standard fare is more flexible and allows the exchange or return of tickets during the year. The one-way crossing of one passenger from Yarmouth to Lymington will cost £18.8 at the economy class tariff, 26.8 at the standard. The cost of crossing a car depends on its length and height, for a car more than 2.24 m high you will have to pay extra. Ticket prices for two passengers with a car will start at about £70 at the economy class fare and at £80 at the standard fare.

The fare is slightly lower in the afternoon. There is a system of discounts on travel during non-working hours, for students and the elderly over 60 years old. There are family and group rates and seasonal discounts, there is an extensive program of partner discounts, which allows you to save on purchases at White Link partner companies.

Port of Yarmouth

Yarmouth Port can be reached from Bournemouth International Airport, a 35 km road will take at least an hour and a half, as you will have to use the ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth. White Island itself has a small White Sandan airport, but it is only for light aviation - tourists can use air taxi.

The Yarmouth ferry terminal has developed access roads, a large car park is located 200 meters from the entrance to it, the terminal itself has a small parking lot. There are several restaurants near the terminal where you can wait for the ferry.

White Link offers to book ferry tickets in advance, you can do this on our website.