Argentina Argentina

Argentina — large enough on territory state of South America, that is famous the cultural and natural sights. Here are such wonders of nature, as most beautiful glacier of Perito Moreno, waterfall of Iguazu, enormous salt lagoon of Mar Chiquita et al. In metropolises there is a great number of museums, ancient cathedrals and unusual architectural building.


Ferry infrastructure

On east a country is washed waters of the Atlantic ocean, therefore a marine transport is used both for delivery of loads and for carrying passengers. A ferry infrastructure is not too developed, ships walk only to Uruguay and back. Basic port is in Buenos Aires, here ferries swim up to from Coloni, Montevideoи Punta del Este, and also cruise ships do a stop. There are reverse voyages from Argentina to Uruguay. To know a time-table and cost, and also to reserve and buy tickets it is possible on-line.

How to reach to Argentina

A ferriage comes true every day, the different types of courts are used. On the ferries of Argentina halls with seats and shops are usually present with a meal. There are unique ships, for example, speed «Dad Francis» or slow «Eladia Isabelle» with a main deck that during a trip reminds a busy street along with the coast of sea. A car can be taken with itself, a lower deck is intended for this purpose. Most popular routes:

  • Montevideo – Buenos Aires;
  • Coloni – Buenos Aires;
  • Punta del Este – Buenos Aires.

To choose and reserve tickets in any direction from leading ferry companies more comfortable than all on-line.

In Argentina it is possible to try delicious meat, exclusive wine and even to get on a carnival (in January, February). Tourists have the opportunity to visit at the end of the earth, to see ancient rock pictures or take a drive on the widest in the world boulevard. Argentina — it is a motherland of tango and football lovers, here are such animals that is anymore present nowhere. Tickets on a ferry in a popular among tourists country or it is back possible to purchase on our web-site.