Greek Islands Greek Islands

The islands of the Aegean Sea and the Greek Adriatic Sea – the tourist gems of Greece. About 500 large and small islands attract beach lovers and sea voyagers, lovers of the past and gourmet devotees of authentic island Greek cuisine.

Greek Islands
Greek Islands
Greek Islands

The large islands of the Aegean Sea Crete, Rhodes, Evia and others have a developed tourist infrastructure. Although the smaller islands of the archipelagos of Cyclades, Sporades, etc. are not so large, they offer tourists not only beaches and historical sites, but also comfortable little hotels, souvenir shops and small restaurants with local cuisine.

Greek ferry infrastructure

The ferries in Greece play a unique role in transportation, especially in the Aegean Sea. The smaller islands of the Aegean Sea are usually not more than 50 km away from each other. For many islands, ferries – are the only means of communication between each other and with the mainland of Greece. There are ferry piers on every inhabited island. In all, there are about 900 ports in Greece. The largest ports on the islands – Heraklion, Santorini, Chios, Rhodes, Aegios Kyrikos, Aegina, Kerkyra (Corfu) etc., are linked by ferry lines to the mainland ports of Piraeus, Kavala, Igoumenitsa etc.

There are more than 20 ferry companies operating between the mainland and the islands: Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways, Anek Lines and others. Catamaran ferries are operated on shorter lines and on longer routes, vessels with cabins of different classes, restaurants, entertainment salons and children's playgrounds.

Tourist attraction of the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands – a pilgrimage site for tourists from all over the world, one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world. The small fishing villages have a special charm. Around each of these villages, you will find a number of archaeological sites from the Hellenic era, which are revered by the Greeks.

The prices in Greece are considered low by European standards, the small hotels and restaurants on the islands are even more democratic with a consistently high quality and friendliness to the tourist.