Italy Italy

Italy unchanging brings over to itself tourists from around the world. Country-museum full sights, thus 25% they are concentrated in the capital, and remaining 75% on a mainland and islands. Every city of Italy or Rome or Naples, – it is the real treasure-house that keeps the precious certificates of other epochs.


Ferry infrastructure

Such type of transport is one of key for a country in that the general extent of seashore exceeds eight thousand kilometres. Besides, in composition Italy – more than ten islands.

Ferry infrastructure – ramified, and service is very well organized. Such type of transport – reliable, comfortable and safe. For those, who travels an own car, motor cycle or bicycle, it is possibility to transport them with itself, not limiting itself in movements.

Ferry routes of Italy

Italy is constrained on water with other Mediterranean territories. Ferry report regular. Only, what needs to be taken into account, – some voyages can come true only in a high season, «freezing» in other time. For this reason reserving a ticket on a ferry is needed beforehand.

Voyages serve a few large ports of Italy, among that, :

  • Civitavecchia;
  • Livorno;
  • Genoa;
  • Naples;
  • Fiumicino.

The most popular routes are two largest islands – Sardinia and Sicily, that accept the lion's share of traffic. Among other highly sought directions:

  • Corsica (Bastia – Genoa, L’Ile-Ross – Livorno, Bastia – Piombino, Bastia – Savona);
  • Greece (Igoumenitsa – Ancona, Patras – Venice, Patras – Бари);
  • Spain (Barcelona – Genoa, Barcelona – Savona, Barcelona – Civitavecchia);
  • Croatia (Porec – Venice, Dubrovnik – Bari, Split – Ancona);
  • Tunis (Tunis – Genoa, Tunis – Salerno);
  • Croatia (Pool – Venice, Задар – Ancona, Rovinj – Venice);
  • Montenegro (Bar – Bari).

To economize, it is recommended beforehand to reserve a ticket on a ferry.

The secret of success of Italy is simple – magnificent beach rest at the Mediterranean seaside, skiing resorts, plenty of interesting sights, and also advantageous shopping in the best boutiques and outlets. From snow-bound Alps to the islands inundated by a sun, from Rome to Naples – this country is able to surprise each and remain in memory.