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Sometimes it seems that Montenegro is created exclusively for leisure and travel. Tourist routes in this country, so cozy and with a Slavic soul, provide for the satisfaction of the taste of tourists who love various types of recreation. It offers Montenegro (so often called Montenegro), ancient Orthodox monasteries and medieval castles, national natural parks and a high-quality beach holiday on the Adriatic. The small size of the country, the friendly attitude of the local population and low prices - all this attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to Montenegro who prefer a comfortable and budget holiday. Sightseeing programs are performed by Montreal Lines, Mercur Adriatica & Co and R - tours.


Montenegro ferry service

The only inland ferry crossing of Montenegro is considered to be the crossing in Boca - the Bay of Kotor, which saves up to 30 km of land route. Regular ferry with the help of 4 ferries, allows you to cross 300 meter bay in 10 minutes. The crossing works regularly and quickly, ferries are able to take on board from 50 to 70 cars. The crossing works at night, during the tourist season. There are bus stops near the ferry piers. Carefully designed infrastructure allows you to travel in any way, even without a car.

International ferry crossings are represented by the Bar - Bari - Bar route connecting Montenegro with Italy. Ferry services along this route are carried out regularly (up to 5 flights per week in summer). The Dubrovnik ferry is available for tourists.

At the height of the tourist season there is a ferry route Kotor - Ancona - Kotor. The average duration of the international ferry crossing is 10 hours.

Our website regularly updates data on the schedule, prices for tickets and other, interested tourists, information. You can plan a ferry trip in advance by booking a ticket. The place for booking can be selected on the second page of the site.

Ferry compartments are not different from cruise ships. Tourists can load their cars to one of two levels - decks, and use the services of duty stores - free, bars, cafes or a restaurant. Accommodation in cabins of different categories provides a pleasant and comfortable trip.

Visiting Montenegro guarantees only a pleasant time and a lot of enthusiastic reviews.