Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Anyone who wants to feel like an Irish king should visit Northern Ireland. Only here, many medieval castles of kings converted into modern hotels inviting tourists. A huge number of excursion routes makes it possible to get acquainted with numerous castles, with legends and mysterious stories associated with them, tourists can travel to large cities and small, but very picturesque villages.

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland

In the capital of the state - Belfast, from where acquaintance with the country usually begins, visits to Stormont (the meeting places of the Irish government), the Grand Opera building, many masterpieces of Victorian architectural art, museums are provided to the attention of tourists. An excursion to the Museum of Marine Heritage is very informative, because it was from the slipways of Belfast that the world-famous Titanic came to the water.

Lovers of natural landscapes will gladly spend time in numerous parks or reserves, where you can see and even feed Irish deer (Phoenix Park). A unique impression is the visit to Utesov Moher, where from a height of more than 200 meters you can observe delightful seascapes. Ireland always surprises with interesting routes, carefully thought out and satisfying the tastes of any traveler. Movement in Northern Ireland is very comfortable, thanks to the excellent transport infrastructure. This applies to the ferry service.

Northern Ireland ferry service

Well-known companies Irish Ferries, Stela Line, Brittany Feries and P&O IrichSea provide uninterrupted ferry services to Northern Ireland with ten ports in England, Wales, Scotland, Spain, and other European countries. Only from France (the ports of Cherbourg and Roscof), several ferries with tourists depart each day to Dublin and Belfast.

You can get acquainted with useful information, find out the fare or order a ferry ticket on our website.

Those who visited Northern Ireland will forever remember that unique atmosphere of antiquity and pure nature, not spoiled by people. After all, Northern Ireland is one of the few places on Earth where there is complete harmony between man and nature.