Shetland Shetland

In the northeast of Scotland are the Shetland Islands, which separate the North and Norwegian Seas. Here you can see whales, seals, whales and huge flocks of unusual dead ends, and in winter - even watch the incredible northern lights, visiting Mayland. The Shetland archipelago is untouched beaches, extraterrestrial landscapes, crystal clear blue waters and Viking heritage.


Ferries: enjoy your journey

Of the more than a hundred islands of the archipelago, only 16 of them are inhabited. Ferries are a convenient way to travel. Domestic crossings between the islands are served by two companies - Shetland Islands Council Ferries and BK Marine. Ferries allow you not only to travel economically and comfortably, but also to get incredible impressions from the trip itself. The main thing is to book a ticket in advance in order to choose the most comfortable departure time.

Ferry flights

Northlink Ferries offers the following ferries:

  • Lerwick - Kerkwall (the ship runs four times a week, travel time is about eight hours);
  • Lerwick - Aberdeen (there are seven flights per week, the duration of which is more than 12 hours).

Inside the archipelago there are routes Toft - Ulsta, Lerwick - Bressey, Laxo - Simbiter, Wales - Fula and others. The fare depends on the availability of transport, comfort, as well as the season. To save money, you can book a ferry ticket in advance.

The Shetland Islands is a Viking-style holiday: a raging sea, harsh rocks and a permeating wind. A trip here is as good as possible for admirers of extreme in any of its manifestations - kayaking, hiking and sea walking, climbing, fishing and even birdwotching. Experience spectacular experiences at a meeting with wildlife - the famous Scottish ponies, otters, kasatki, flocks of thousands of birds from dead ends to olush. All this can be seen with your own eyes, visiting Shetland.