Taiwan Taiwan

Taiwan is located on the island of the same name, which the Portuguese sailors who admired its nature named Formosa («Beautiful»). Taiwan is separated from mainland China by the Taiwan Strait, which is just over 150 kilometers wide. Taiwan has gained fame as the center of the world's microelectronics and other high-tech industries. Taiwan attracts tourists with its excellent beaches, numerous monuments of Buddhist and Confucian culture, scenic landscapes, ample opportunities for water sports and mountain tourism, lively nightlife in major cities, authentic local cuisine. Taiwan is also a tourist destination.


Taiwanese Ferry Infrastructure

The island location makes ferries an essential means of communication between parts of the Republic of China (Taiwan), as only a few islands have airports.

Communications to the Matsu Islands are from Kiilung Port in northern Taiwan, located near the capital – Taipei. The line is about 200 km long, the travel time is about 10 hours, and there are ferries on the line which can carry motor vehicles.

Communications to the Penghu Islands (Pescadores) are from Kaohsiung – Taiwan's largest port and the island republic's second largest city. The length of the line – about 130 km. High-speed trimaran ferries, capable of transferring vehicles, operate on the line.

Taiwan ports are operated by Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC).

Many ferry lines from ports in the Matsu Archipelago connect Taiwan to mainland China. But due to the pandemic, ferry service between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China (China) has been temporarily suspended.

Tourist attraction of Taiwan

Taiwan – a tropical country with a high standard of living and is considered one of the best places for expats to stay. The prices in hotels and restaurants here are quite democratic. Even during the typhoon season, there is plenty for tourists to do on the island, so the tourist season lasts all year round.