Hook van Holland


Harwich to Hook of Holland / Hook of Holland to Harwich
1 crossings daily
6 hr 45 min

Hook van Holland is part of Dutch Rotterdam, a historic city and the largest port in Europe. On the North Sea, near Hook van Holland, there is a multi-kilometer sandy beach. Hook van Holland itself is not of particular interest for cognitive tourism, but nearby Rotterdam always attracts tourists with cultural and architectural monuments, Atlantic cruises often come here.

Hook van Holland
Hook van Holland
Hook van Holland

Ferry service from Hook van Holland

Regular ferry flights from the port of Hook van Holland began in 1893. Stena Line operates 2 passenger flights per day in the morning and evening to Harwich and 1 cargo flight for vans - to Killingholm, both ports in the UK. The first transition takes 7 hours, the second - 11 hours. Tickets can be purchased at an economical or flexible rate that allows you to adjust the time of departure. A ticket for one passenger to Harwich will cost an economic rate of 59 euros, if a cabin is required, then you will have to pay a minimum of 28 euros. A ticket for a couple with a car will cost from 112.5 euros, traveling with pets, you will have to pay an additional 21 euros. Prices for a car with a driver start from 69 euros. The discount system is used. On board the ferry there are restaurants, shops, a cinema, an area with Internet, cabins of various classes.

Port of Hook van Holland

The port of Hook van Holland can be reached from Rotterdam-The Hague Airport in 30-40 minutes. The ferry terminal has several landing sites, developed access roads and several car parks with electric car charging stations.

The company draws the attention of passengers to the fact that a penalty of £ 4 or 45 euros is charged for non-departure or late cancellation of reservations less than 51 hours before departure of the ferry. The last check before the ferry leaves an hour before going to sea, at this time you need to be on board. Book a ticket for

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