Cairnryan to Larne / Larne to Cairnryan
5 crossings daily
2 hr

Northern Ireland is home to the pretty market town of Larne. It attracts travelers with its bustle and plenty of opportunities to shop and buy interesting goods.


Together, the city has a rich history that dates back to the Viking Age. Tourists can look at numerous well-preserved monuments from various times. Other attractions of the city – amazing rocky landscapes and ancient settlements.

Port of Larne

The city is primarily known among locals and tourists as the largest port in Northern Ireland, providing a significant portion of the country's cargo and passenger traffic. The port has been in use for over a thousand years, during which time it has been continually expanded and modernized. Today, it is equipped not only with plenty of seating for various ships, but also with many amenities for the comfort and recreation of travelers.

The crossings are primarily to the Scottish port of Cairnryan, with an average travel time of 2 hours. There are up to 49 crossings per week, including freight crossings. The crossings are offered year-round.

The port is operated by ferry operator «P&O Irish Sea». The company specializes in cargo and passenger transportation between Northern Ireland and its other regions, Scotland, and Great Britain. To serve its customers, the company uses modern, high-tech ships equipped with everything you need for a comfortable family vacation and a fun time.

Methods of getting to the port

If you want to get to the port from another part of Ireland, you can use roads and railroads. Buses and trains are offered in most major cities in the Republic. From Britain and Scotland you can get by ferry, which you can take at several western ports.

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