Porto Santo Stefano


Isola del Giglio to Porto Santo Stefano / Porto Santo Stefano to Isola del Giglio
3 crossings daily
1 hr

Porto Santo Stefano is a small but very beautiful resort town located in Italy. The first mention of it dates from the era of the Roman Empire and states that the city served as a large fishing port in which ships were berthed and fishermen rested.

Porto Santo Stefano retained his ancient functions until today, but the status of a resort was added to them. Now tourists are offered a variety of entertainment, high-quality sea recreation, as well as the opportunity to walk around places with beautiful nature and eat seafood dishes in local restaurants, most recently caught by fishermen in local waters.

Porto Santo Stefano
Porto Santo Stefano
Porto Santo Stefano

Port of Santo Stefano

First of all, Porto Santo Stefano is known for its large port, where you can find small fishing vessels year-round, next to which luxury tourist ferries and private yachts of wealthy travelers are moored. The result is a very interesting and diverse picture.

In the port you can board one of the many cruise ferries and go on an interesting sea trip through the azure waters of Italy. At the same time, routes are provided to the nearby island of Gilio, which is also an attractive holiday destination for tourists.

Routes from Porto Santo Stefano are offered by the Toremar ferry operator, which is one of the largest shipping companies in Italy. Its fleet consists of modern ferries, which are equipped with comfortable cabins, restaurants and bars, as well as recreation areas and spacious viewing platforms, from which local beauty is perfectly visible.

How to get to the port?

You can get to Porto Santo Stefano by tourist bus, or other public transport, which regularly travels in that direction. You can sit on them both at the nearest airport and directly in the city. Another option is to order a taxi, but in this case the costs will be much higher.

Porto Santo Stefano is an interesting place for sea holidays with a large and beautiful port. You can get acquainted with available offers from ferry operators in advance and book a ticket on our website.