Klaipeda to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Klaipeda
6 crossings weekly
16 hr
Rostock to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Rostock
2 crossings daily
5 hr 45 min
Rostock to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Rostock
2 crossings daily
5 hr 30 min
Swinoujscie to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Swinoujscie
1 crossings daily
5 hr 55 min
Travemunde to Trelleborg / Trelleborg to Travemunde
1 crossings daily
7 hr 15 min

Trelleborg — one of the historic cities of Sweden, known since the 13th century. Like many southern coastal towns in Sweden, Trelleborg has preserved the memory of dynastic relations and centuries-old conflicts with Denmark. Modern Trelleborg — an important port, tourist and industrial center of Sweden.


Ferry service from Trelleborg

Four international ferry service runs from the port of Trelleborg: to the German ports of Rostock and Travemunde, the Polish Swinoujscie, and the Lithuanian Klaipeda.

From Trelleborg, there are four directions of international ferry service.

To Rostock, Stena Line and TT-Line ferries usually make 3 - 4 trips per day, departing in the morning, afternoon and late evening with travel time of 6-7 hours; night trips are longer and more expensive, as cabin space is obligatory. Prices for tickets in economy class for a single passenger start from 17.5 euros, ferrying a couple with a car up to 6 m in length will cost from 70 euros.

In the morning, late afternoon, late evening, the journey time is 6-7 hours, the night voyages are longer and more expensive because it is mandatory to provide a seat in the cabin.

Flights to Travemunde are operated by TT-Line, usually 3-4 flights per day, travel time is about 8 hours. The ticket price for a single passenger starts at 31 euros, crossing a couple with a car up to 6 m long will cost from 55 euros on daytime flights and from 150 euros on night flights.

Flights to Swinoujscie are operated by TT-Line and Unity Line, the former operates two trips per day, the latter — 2-4 trips, with a travel time of approximately 6 hours. Tickets on TT-Line ferries cost from 39 euros for a single passenger, — from 91 euros for a couple with a car. Prices on Unity Line ferries for one passenger start at 40 euros, car transportation — from 90 euros.

The ferries of the company Unity Line start at 40 euros, car transportation — from 90 euros.

The TT-Line flights to Klaipeda go through Rostock, and the return from Klaipeda goes directly to Trelleborg. Travel time from Klaipeda to Trelleborg is more than 16 hours, there are five trips per week, the ticket price starts from 72 EUR.

All the companies offer a discount system, club cards, encourage early booking via the Internet. All ferries have the same level of comfort as cruise ships.

Port of Trelleborg

The Trelleborg ferry port is near the city center, with a train station, restaurants, stores, and attractions near the port. The port has a large parking lot, there is a gas station. The port can be reached from the airport of Malmö — it is 30 km from the port, the trip takes about half an hour.

You can also get to the port from the airport.