Bluebridge Ferries


Routes: 2

Shortest Crossing: Picton - Wellington 3 hr 30 min

Bluebridge Ferries


Picton to Wellington / Wellington to Picton
2 crossings daily
3 hr 30 min

A ferry operator of «Bluebridge« is part of company «Strait Shipping Ltd«. and carries out ferriages on the channel of Cook.

Bluebridge Ferries
Bluebridge Ferries

Points of setting

Organization offers voyages from Wellington (the capital of New Zeland) to Picton and back. A route lies near a coast, that allows near-by to see beautiful nature of region. An especially good kind is opened from observation decks that is equip all ships of company.


  • High-frequency of ferriages.
  • Beautiful routes.
  • High quality of service and plenty of additional services onboard.

Features «Bluebridge«

There are 2 modern ferries in property of «Bluebridge«, containing to a few hundred and 150 cars passengers. It does possible a trip coast-wise New Zeland with the personal car.

Every ship is equipped in a number of cabins, among that there are both single and domestic. Also on them the cinema halls, quiet seating areas, playgrounds, bars and cafe, are envisaged. Clients get free access to Wi - Fi.

Ferries ply the whole year round, in seasonal time the amount of voyages arrives at 4 in a day. On the average passengers conduct on the way to three with a half hours.

About a company

Organization works from 2002 and is one of the largest navigable operators in a region. Transportations come true on the ferries of «Strait Feronia« (built in 1997, however was modernized before the beginning of the use by a company «Bluebridge«), and also «Straitsman« 2005 year (it is considered the most front-rank and ecofriendly ship from those, that is plied on the channel of Кука).

Services of «Bluebridge« are optimal for people that value a comfort and bright impressions in trips. On our web-site it is possible not only to become familiar with routes and tariffs but also book ticket on a ferriage.